Nothing but K-pop/ drama for Anne, Karylle


Anne Curtis and Karylle are not only friends and coworkers, they are also business partners. They co-own a KTV restobar named Rockstar, which features themed rooms inspired by music legends like Beyoncé, Prince, and Elvis Presley.
They also share another passion: K-pop.
Here’s an interview they had with Preen (sister company of Libre) about the things that interest them —both musically and in their personal lives.

Which diva do you resonate with and/or love the most?
Anne Curtis: Me, Beyoncé because [she can] sing and dance. [Laughs]
Karylle: Diana Ross would have to be my favorite because she has curly hair too! I used to sing her songs at my dad’s clinic and it was so loud.

What would be your song diva
AC: Annebisyosa. [Laughs]
K: I’ve never thought of mine.
AC: “K-labot“!
K: Yeah, you know I like it when I get shivers. Plus, I have curly hair. Before, I’m not as comfortable with my curly hair. But now, I’ve embraced it and loved it.

Aside from hanging out at Rockstar and at work, what other things do you like doing together?
K: (Having my) nails done!
AC: [Karylle and I] are with each other every single day
[because of work.]

What do you love about K-pop and K-drama, and what are your favorites?

K: For me, one of the best things about K-pop that I feel the Philippines can learn from is that they have original music. Goblin had a two-disk OST and I can sing from that. I super wish that the Philippines would have an original soundtrack. Enough of the remix.
AC: In the acting side naman, what I love is that there are only 20 episodes. That’s it, there’s no season two. I really like that and I hope one day, we can do something like that. But to choose my favorite, Goblin and Descendants of the Sun are still my top two. Slowly after It’s Okay, That’s Love.

Who’s most likely to… Be late to call time
K: [Points at Anne] And she’s also promoting [Blk Cosmetics] even when she’s running late!
AC: Yeah. [Laugh uncontrollably]
K: I think it’s Anne. Actually, it was the biggest clue that she was engaged because her laugh changed.
AC: Really?!
K: Yeah! It became so high and big. I was like, “Something’s up with her.” And you didn’t announce it pa.


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