Dingdong Avanzado: Forever young


Malayo sa kanyang edad ang itsura ng 90s’ singer na si Dingdong Avanzado.

He turned 51 last July 7, pero mukha lang siyang in his 30s.

Ano ang kanyang secret?
Find out dito sa chat kay Dingdong ni Dolly Ann Carvajal.

What are your immediate plans as you turned a year older?

My plan is to continue focusing on my music. To go around the world and here in the Philippines with my band. I want to keep performing until I can’t do it anymore. Music is my passion—the day that I remove music from my life is the day that I die.

What’s your message or advice to your daughter Jayda’s future suitors?

Do you really want to know? If you want to impress my daughter, you have to impress the dad first. And mind you, I’m not easily impressed.

What would impress me the most is if you know how to treat my daughter right.

Are you a stage father?

Let’s put it this way. I think Jessa (Zaragoza, his wife) is much more of a stage parent than me.

You don’t seem to age.

A lot of people have asked me about that. It’s a combination of several factors. The kind of food that I eat, my genes, the way my wife takes care of me, and having music in my life.

What makes your marriage with Jessa work?

We have learned to treat each other with respect. We make sure we get to spend quality time together.

Was there ever a time when your marriage was on the rocks?

I think most, if not all, marriages hit a rough patch at some point—we’re no different from any of them. But the key is maintaining healthy communication and atmosphere in the relationship.

What changes would you like to see on the OPM scene?

That upcoming OPM artists would get a platform that would enable them to showcase their talents.

If you could sing only one song, what would
it be?

“Maghihintay sa ’Yo.” It’s my first composition, which eventually became a hit song.



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