RK kulang sa cuddle?


Bitin daw sa cuddle ng kanyang leading lady na si Sue Ramirez ang aktor na si RK Bagatsing sa kanilang movie na “Cuddle Weather.”

“Cuddle Weather,” Regal Entertainment’s entry in the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino, centers on the lives of sex workers portrayed by Sue and RK.

It’s “love at first sound” for Adela (Sue) and Ram (RK) in the film. While both were not enjoying sex with their clients in adjacent motel rooms, they reach “climax” by hearing each other’s erotic moans. They become “cuddle partners” who soothe each other’s overused bodies.

Here’s Dolly Ann Carvajal’s chat with RK:

What did your movie make you realize about sex workers?

There’s this line in the movie where my character says, “’Di naman tayo masamang tao. Iba lang ang trabaho natin.” I understood what it truly meant when we finished the movie. My character just wanted to provide for his family.  And I guess that’s a classic story for all.

You’ll do anything for your loved ones. And for some, it’s the only option they see. It’s the circle of life I guess—we all need pleasure, others get it for free, and some people are willing to pay for it. And then there are people who are ready to be paid.

Would you ever hire a prostitute?
I heard you can book one, even if you just need someone to hug overnight. If all else fails, I guess.

Which one would you pick, “love without sex” or “sex without love”?

Depends on my mood (laughs).

Is virginity important to you?

Do you even ask that question to someone you like? “Hey, what’s your favorite color? By the way, just a quick survey before we fall in love and ride into the sun-set, are you a virgin?”

What’s more important is how you treat other people. That’s how you connect. That’s how you get the love you deserve.

Do you and Raymond have sibling rivalry, since you’re both actors?

Not at all. He’s an inspiration and idol. I am where I am now because somehow, somewhere along the way, he helped me through it.

What’s your fave line in the movie?

“Ang hirap-hirap mong mahalin … ang mahal-mahal mo.” I won’t spoil why my character says that, but it’s something to look forward to.

What’s the naughtiest thing you have done?

Classic “akyat-bakod/gate” to see my crush.

What’s the craziest thing that you did for love?

Drive through flooded España just to visit her. Then, I carried her in my arms in waist-deep water just to look for an open resto, even when there was a raging storm.

Would you fall for a girl who makes the first move?

Why not? It saves time. I’m a shy guy, so I wouldn’t mind getting hit on. It’s a different story if I respond or not, but we have so many strong inde-pendent women out there who know what they want.

We should all be thankful for their existence and dominance. Go get it, girl (laughs).

If you could cuddle all day with any celeb, who would you choose?

I didn’t get enough cuddles from Sue while doing our movie. Give me one more day, and I’ll be fine.



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