WATCH: Robert Downey Jr. speaks to animals in the new Dolittle movie

KNOWN for playing roles of smart guys like Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes, this time ibang challenge naman ang ibinigay kay Robert Downey Jr. as he plays the role of an iconic 90’s movie,  Dr. Dolittle.

Played by Eddie Murphy in 1998, ibang version naman ito ng taong nakakausap ang mga hayop as RDJ plays the role of the eccentric doctor who decided to live like a hermit after his wife passed away.

However, the famed doctor of Queen Victoria’s England is needed again after the young queen falls ill. Now, Dolittle must journey across the seas to a mythical land, with his self-appointed young apprentice and an assortment of animal friends in search of a cure.

Mapapanood na ang Dolittle sa darating na January 17. Watch the trailer here: