Calmer Maricel Soriano


MARICEL Soriano was dubbed “Taray Queen” for two reasons.

First, she didn’t take bullshit from anyone, not from
inept directors to
upstarts with diva attitudes. She could cut you down with a stare.

Second, “mataray” siya pagdating sabaktingan. Try watching her old movies like “Saan darating ang umaga,”

“Pinulot ka lang sa lupa,” and “Inagaw mo ang lahat sa akin,” and you would know why.
These days, she says she is still mataray but has mellowed a bit.

Narito ang chat kay Maricel ng PDI’s Dollywood.

What’s more important to you, awards or box-office

Box-office success matters more to me because if my movie makes money, it will lead to another movie. Awards are great, but if I don’t win one, it doesn’t bother me. It motivates me to strive harder in my next movie.

What was your toughest motherhood moment?

We, mothers, are always blamed for what happens to our kids. We’re held responsible for how our kids turn out. Coping with that sort of
pressure was tough for me, especially when I lost my mom.

What’s the biggest love lesson you learned?

Love everything that has been said and done. I’m done with love. It’s not that I’m being negative.
I’d rather love myself more than fall in love again.

If your life story were to be made into a movie, what will its title be?

Sharing my life
story does not interest me.

You used to be called “Taray Queen.” How have you mellowed?

I am still straightforward, but in a
subdued way. I am more tolerant and
no longer high-strung.


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